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Lost and Found

Any found articles shall be turned in to the library and either placed in the “Lost and Found Box” or stored securely by the librarian. Students searching for lost articles should check in the library.

Student Services

The counsellor provides students with support in the areas of education, careers, social and personal development. Small group meetings, individual counselling and class presentations are the methods used to offer service to students. The counsellor also provides a link to outside organizations, agencies and institutions. The Student Services Centre contains informational files about careers, and calendars from most North American universities and colleges. The counsellor has computer software for the purpose of helping students explore which career areas are most suitable for them, researching future careers and discovering learning skills needed for programs at universities, community colleges and technical vocational schools.

Students may make appointments with the counsellor. It is suggested that most interviews should be arranged during the students’ free periods. Sometimes, students’ needs are very urgent and they are unable to make an appointment during a free period. When such situations arise, special arrangements will be made.

Honours Standing

A student must achieve a minimum average of 80% on his/her final (June) Student Achievement Report to achieve honours standing. A graduating student must achieve a minimum average of 80% in fourth level courses to graduate with honours (Cum Laude) standing.


Each graduating student will be issued a diploma at the graduation exercises upon completion of 30 provincially approved credits.

Bursaries and Scholarships

(A) CANADA STUDENT LOANS AND STUDENT AID Information is available for Post-Secondary Education. Grade 12 students should check with Student Services. (B) Many of the school awards for graduating students are based on application. Grade 12 students should consult with Student Services.


An Evening of Recognition is scheduled for early October to acknowledge students in grades 9-11 of the previous year. Recognition is awarded for outstanding accomplishments.

Graduation Exercises

Graduation exercises are held near the end of June. Sanford Collegiate and the Red River Valley School Division/Division Scolaire Vallée de la Riviére-Rouge graduate the successful grade 12 students and, therefore, are responsible for the exercises. The graduating students, through their Graduation Committee and Parents' Committee, take the initiative in organizing the social activities which follow graduation.

Student Acceptance Insurance

All students will receive information and application forms for student accident insurance in September. Purchase of this program is optional but is highly recommended for students who are participating in the school's extra-curricular athletic program.